The Master in European Studies (University of Siena)


The Master in European Studies

Each year the Universities of Siena, Salamanca, Coimbra-Açores, Strasbourg,
Jagiellonski in Krakow, Panteion of Athens, Leibniz in Hannover, Oradea,
Montpellier I and Maribor organize the Master’s Degree in European Studies
“The Process of Building Europe”, on the basis of a multilateral cooperation
agreement and with the support of the European Commission. The project is
the result of scientific and didactic collaboration that brings together
academic teaching staff in the field of European Studies, many of whom are
involved in the Jean Monnet Action promoted by the European Commission.

This network of Universities offers the opportunity to those enrolled on the
master’s programme to acquire specialist knowledge of the history,
institutions and policies of the European Union through international,
interdisciplinary and multilingual teaching.

The qualification of the first cycle Master’s Degree in European Studies is
worth 60 ECTS credits. The programme is accessible to candidates of any
nationality who have completed a the first cycle of university education (a
three-year university degree).

To submit the application for Master 2010-2011 edition the deadline is 11
October 2010.

Students will have their degree by 18 October 2010 can be submitted the
application (by 11 October 2010).

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